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A Literary Journal for Absurdist Humour

Here at Great Ape, we believe only two things:
1. Humans are the smartest organisms on Earth.
2. Humans are the stupidest organisms on Earth.

Great Ape is approaching through the trees…

Praise for Great Ape:

“A first-rate intelligence.”

F. Scott Fizgerald

“The work of a barely literate, delusional madman… reads like a ransom note.”

Obtuse Moose

“Somewhere between flinging poo and eating biscuits with the Queen of England in terms of primate amusement.”

Office of Extraterrestrial Aesthetics, Planet Tralfamadore

“This journal will maul your imagination.”

Not-As-Great-As-Great-Ape-But-Greater-Than-Decent-Ape Ape

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